Kabbalah Kirtan:

Yofiyah's Uplifting
Music for Heart
and Soul







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Hebrew or Kabbalistic Kirtan is a new expression of Jewish spirituality, offering to everyone what was once reserved for mystics alone: a direct experience of the presence of God. Hebrew Kirtan is the intense devotional chanting of Hebrew texts, and the Names of God found in the Jewish tradition. 

The simplicity of the words, and the hypnotic energy of the music transforms Kabbalistic Kirtan into a broad highway to Heaven open to men and women regardless of their level of Hebrew fluency and religious training and background.

Hebrew Kirtan is the practice of calling out to God. As the intensity of our calling grows, we enter into a vibrational harmony with God. We are enveloped in a mysical union marked by deep joy and even ecstasy, expressing a sense of Oneness and unity with all in All.

About The Music

zalman shachter shalomi"A marvelous gateway to the spirit, creating holy community through the call and response mastery of a true energizer of the soul. Yofiyah brings yofi (beauty) to Yah (God)." - Rabbi Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi, ז״ל